10K Marathon

Few weeks ago, I went to hiking among Sycamore Canyon with my friends. We drove around an hour, and it was beautiful on the way there. The mountain was right next to the ocean, so the view was amazing. The weather was really nice, but a little too hot, so my shirt was almost soaked after hiking.

I started to go to gym, went hiking with friends, and took classes from personal trainer since February in order to prepare for the 10k marathon. The nonprofit organization that I participate in is called Simply Savant. I am currently working on a new project, Run for Education. For this project, members have to run at least four 10k marathon per year, and find sponsor to donate money for all the miles that we run. The money that we fundraised will be used to help all the underprivileged students.

I consider myself an athletic person, but only on short distance running. My stamina is really bad, so long distance running is really challenging for me. However, I want to contribute to my organization and help all the under resourced children, so I decide to train myself. Even though, I did not get a good ranking, but at least I finished the marathon! All those hard works and trainings finally paid off. I am really proud of myself for not giving up:)

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