I started learning Chinese traditional dance when I was in second grade. However, I had to give up in sixth grade, because of all the busy academic works. After I move to America and started to attend  San Marino High School, I got to chase my dream again.

San Marino offers dance class as an elective to all the student. Everyone could take dance  even though they do not have any dance skills or had never taken dance class before. The dance class offered at SMHS mainly focuses on ballet and jazz, which are completely different from Chinese traditional dance. However, I still loved it. Many people feel nervous when they are on stage, but I always get extremely excited  whenever I have the chance to perform in front of the audience.

Yesterday, I finished the biggest dance show in school, Dancetra. It is event for everyone, not just people in the dance department. Both boys and girls could be part of it by auditioning for the Hip hop team. I started since freshman year and I made a lot friends from it:)

This year’s Dancetra  was definitely a success. I danced to one of my favorite song called”Run the World “by Beyonce and the dance was choreographed one of the SMHS graduate, Shannon. It is a military styled hip-hop dance and it is the closing dance of the show. Everyone loved it!

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