Taylor Swift Concert!!

Yesterday, I went to Taylor Swift’s concert! She is my idol since elementary school. I started liking her  when I listen to “Love Story” for the first time. Her voice is very sweet and harmonious. In addition, she is a song write and she plays the guitar, banjo, and piano. However, one of the most important reason that made me love her so much is her personality. She is always optimistic and she did a lot of sweet things for her fans.


The opening guest is a girl band called Haim.

Then, it is Taylor’s turn. I got so excited that I was shaking while taking pictures. The first few songs are “Welcome to New York”, “Blank Space”, and “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Almost all of them are number one had hit number 1 one music charts.


My seat was AMAZING.  It was right next to the stage and she even made eye contact with me!

John Legend also came to Taylor Swift’s concert! He played piano and sang “All of Me” with Taylor. The whole crowd got so excited, including my sister. She is not a big fan of pop singer, but John Legend is her favorite.


This concert is definitely going to an unforgettable experience for me. Hope to see you again, Taylor!!

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