Revisit Chengdu


I was born in Chengdu, Sichuan and I spent thirteen years there. Even though I do not live in Chengdu any more, but I never stop loving it♡ I always save a little spot in my heart for Chengdu, because I have so many good memories there.

Most of families still live in Chengdu, so I normally go back there once per year to visit them. This winter when I went back  I brought my camera with me. Finally, I have a chance to show people what Chengdu look like in my eyes.

Unlike Shanghai or New York, the paste of life in Chengdu is really slow.  In  the afternoon, there are always a lot of people sitting in a cafe and enjoying the sunshine; at night, people could find a lot of places to eat even at 2 a.m. in the morning. Everyone seems like there is no pressure, no stress, nothing to worry about at all.

I hope you will love Chengdu as much as I do:) Do not hesitate to contact me if you are planning to go to Chengdu. I will give you the best tour guide!

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