EXO Concert!!

Processed with MOLDIV

Before going to the EXO concert, My friend Cher and I went to a famous Japanese restaurant called Sugarfish. It is famous of making amazing sushi. There is always a line around dinner time, so we went there a little bit early. The course we ordered is called “trust me”. It has tuna sashimi and variety of sushi. Also, I ordered a spicy tuna handroll. It was the best handroll I have never had ♡

I am not a crazy fan of Kpop, but I do like EXO a lot. My seat is not very close, but the concert was still an amazing experience. The area surround that stage are for floor tickets which is based on first come first serve. Most people go very early in the morning just for this concert. I already been to their concert once, so I did not want to spend that much time on it.

EXO performed a lot of popular songs at the concert, including “Growl”, “Wolf”, and “Love Me Right”. Most audience are teenagers like me. Everyone was so excited at the concert. No one sat on there seats during the whole performance.

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