Dancetra is the biggest dance show in our school. In other shows, only students from our school’s dance department allow to perform, but Dancetra is open to students from out whole school. We hold tryouts, and people who got selected will have practices after school. It is one of my favorite time of the year, because I get to meet new people while doing something that I am passionate about.

I had a total of three dances in the show and they are all different genres. The first one was contemporary, then Jazz, and the last one is hip-hop. The last one was choreographed by my two teammates and me. We tried really hard to make this dance as perfect as possible, including lighting, costume, and props.

I always get question like “Why do you enjoy performing so much?”, “Why do you like dance shows?”, and “What’s your favorite part of performing in front of the whole school?” A lot of people don’t understand, because they think people spend so much time practicing and rehearsing just for two minutes on stage. However, the important part to me is not the two minutes on stage; it is the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment when I start choreographing a dance from choosing music to filling each beat with beautiful movement. At the same time, I could also make a lot of friends and be amazed by the power of teamwork.

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