Dance Banquet 2016

Time passed by so fast. This is already my third year being part of my school’s dance department. Started out as a beginning, I didn’t know techniques and couldn’t do any splits or kicks. However, after practicing during lunch and my other free time, I became a lot more flexible and is able to do a single pirouette, so I got move up two levels in my sophomore year. In my junior year, I was a member of the highest level dance group.

This year is actually the last year that I get to dance along with my friends, because a lot of them decided to quite or join Dance Company, so I really cherished every single performance with them. Unlike  the pervious two years, I didn’t get the “Best Dancer” of my level, but my choreography did get selected to the biggest show of the year, Dancetra. Therefore, I was still really happy and proud of my work in the past year.

Even though most of my friends are leaving next year, but I’m going to continue dancing and try my best on all the performances. Then, graduate proudly as a four year dancer:)

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