Cheer is Life

Last April, I tried out my school’s highest level of cheerleading team, Varsity Song. I think it is one of the wisest decision I made in my life.

I have always cheerleading is a very fun and interesting thing to do, but I never thought of trying out until last year. Around April when cheer audition starts, my friends asked me whether I am trying out. I said no immediately, because most people who are in cheer team right now had started cheering for school since 8th grade. I felt there is not a big chance for me to get in. However, a lot of people came up to me and told me that I would be a great cheerleader, so I started to question myself whether I like cheerleading.

After a week of thinking, I decide to tryout because I want to challenge myself in doing something that I have never try before. The result turn out pretty well. I got in to Varsity Song and it made my school life really different. Even though cheerleading is really time consuming, but I had made a lot friends through it. In addition, I became more spirited and participated in more school events, such as Special Olympics, Homecoming parade, and all the football and basketball games.

Cheer is life!♡

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