I’m finally seventeen! I spent my birthday this year in NHSI(National High School Institute), a summer program that concentrates on film in Northwestern University. In NHSI, students have to make a short film every week and my birthday was close to the due date of final project, so I didn’t really have time to celebrate my birthday. However, I was still really happy.

I’ve always liked birthdays, not because I get to be the center of the attention, but because it could remind me of how many people support and care about me . After moving to U.S., I barely spent my birthday with my families or friends in China. However, they never forget to buy a gift or say “happy birthday” to me. Some of them even wait until midnight in order to be the first few who congrats me. In addition, some people that I am not that close with would also congrats me and it gives us a chance to catch up a little.

Time flies by so fast. I’m now only one year away from being an adult. This means that I need to be more mature and independent, but it also shows that I will have the opportunity to experience new things. I hope the best for my senior year and I’m so excited for college!

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