I have heard the clothing brand Topshop many times since I was in elementary school, because my sister went to college in Britain and it was one of the most popular brand. However, I did not start liking Topshop until it opened the first store in LA.

Topshop was found way back in 1964. It started at a small basement of a department in London, and now they have stores in over 100 countries! I love Topshop because of its various styles. Unlike a normal clothing brand, Topshop’s clothing range from chick to elegant, casual to formal, and simple to bold. I don’t like a particular style and loves to try new things, so Topshop is perfect. In addition, Topshop often has collaborations with famous designers or celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss, and most of these lines are stunning. They were designed by the celebrity, but also maintained Topshop’s classic electriv British style. Last but not least, Topshop’s price is very reasonable. Compare to Forever21 or H&M, the quality of Topshop’s clothing are very nice and the style is always the most trending.

Not only having a main collection, Topshop has few other lines, such as Premium, Boutique, or Unique. Unique is the only high street brand to show at London Fashion Week and there is a design team work all year round to produce a collection of pieces worthy of catwalk.

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