Beyonce Concert!!

About a month ago, my friend Ezra was looking up some concert tickets, so I asked, “Who is having a concert?” He replied surprisingly, “You don’t know that Beyonce is having another concert?! ”

Beyonce has been my one of my favorite artist since elementary school. I know all the lyrics and dance from songs like “Crazy In Love”, “Single Ladies”, “Sweet Dreams”, and many other songs. I missed her last concert in LA, because it was the same day with Prom. However, I know I would not miss this time! I looked up the ticket sale time and called my sister who is a super fan of Beyonce too. She immediately said she would be willing to fly from China if I could get tickets. After asking few friends for help, I got two third-row tickets!

When my sister and I got to the Dodgers Stadium, there were a lot of people and everyone looked extremely excited. My sister and I took few pictures and waited for the concert to start.

Beyonce sang about 17 songs and all of them are AMAZING!! For most songs, she didn’t sing the original version of it. Instead, she sang the sang the acoustic or remix version of the song which made it so much more interesting. After singing about 10 songs, her live was still perfect and she still hit every single move hard. This concert is truly unforgettable!

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