Homecoming 2017

It’s HOMECOMING week! It is always one of the most exciting week of the whole year for me. However, this year is a little different, because I am not only a cheerleader, but I’m also a member of ASB and the Homecoming Queen!

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As a member of ASB, I get to participate in every single part of  the preparation process. ASB started to have work nights in order to paint murals one months before homecoming. In addition, we also separated into five different groups to be in charge of different things, such as the parade and the homecoming court. I was in charge of spirit packs, which I have to collect ideas on what items to sell and how much is affordable for each pack first. Then I have to contact different companies in order to get the best deal each item. After that, I have to make designs for each item, such as the T-shirts, bracelets, and string bags.

The best part of the preparation is the night before homecoming. We stayed in school until midnight putting up murals, blowing up balloons, wrapping ribbons around trees… Even though it was freezing and everyone was tired, but I could feel the excitement and joy from their eyes.

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The most unforgettable thing about this year’s homecoming is being the Homecoming Queen. This is my first year on the court, so everything is new to me. Getting interviewed by the school newspaper, waving to the crowd on the parade, getting crowned in front of the whole school…. everything was so exciting and nerve racking at the same time. In addition, my parents came all the way from China to watch me get crowned. It was definitely one of the best and most memorable homecoming ever!

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