A Date with Mom

Last Saturday, I went to a restaurant called Perch with my mom in downtown LA. It is has a rooftop settings with French cuisine and a beautiful view of the city. I had to call the restaurant three weeks ahead in order to make a reservation.

Even though my mum and I live together, she travels a lot, so I do’t get to see her often. After I get into high school, we barely had anytime going out for dinner or travel together, Therefore, I really want to take her out on a “date” which we don’t have to worry about out work; just two of us talking about casual things.

We had a great time at Perch. The sunset view of was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. I was surprised by how much my mom open up to me, because when I was young, my mom never told me anything about the issues that she faced. However, she could now share with me her concerns in work and interesting thing that happened during her business trips. This really made me fee like I became a lot more mature that I could have a conversation with mum as friends, instead of mother and daughter. I enjoyed this dinner a lot and I will definitely arrange similar dates with my other families too!

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