AS Family<3

At the end of my junior year, one of my friend came up to me and said, “I’m going to submit my application for ASB appointed position. You should do it with me.” I hesitated. Since my freshmen year, I never thought about join ASB, because it is really hard to get in and time consuming. However, I decided to give it a try, because it is my senior year and a lot of my friends are doing it.  Right now when I look back in the previous three years of high school, that was definitely one of the wisest decision I’ve never made.

The application process was strenuous. I had to write few essays, ask for teachers for recommendation letters, and interview with former ASB members. However, with 9 out of 9 votes, I got in ASB!

ASB is composed of 29 members. We work together to plan almost all school events, such as, homecoming, sports assemblies, pep rallies, and dances. In addition, we also have to make posters, coordinate between teachers and students, and support all sports teams. As I expected, it is very time consuming and tiring, but at the same time, I enjoyed so much, because I get to contribute to my school and most importantly, I get to meet all these great people.

At the first ASB meeting, I did not more than half of the people in ASB. However, after we spend more time together, we are all very close friends now. All of them have their unique personality yet when we work together, we form a harmonious group. Everyone cares for each other, help each other, love each other. They are truly my family

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