Love Actually

Whenever people ask me “What is your favorite movie”, my answer has always been “Love Actually”!

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I was in eighth grade when I watch”Love Actually” for the first time. This romantic comedy is written and directed by Richard Curtis, who also wrote “Four Weddings  and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill”. It talks about nine different love stories including people who are looking for love and couples who are already in love. I enjoyed it a lot because the whole movie was full of laughter and warmth. After that, I would watched “Love Actually” every year during Christmas season and I felt differently every time. The first time when I watched it, I think it is very funny and sweet. Like Colin(a characters in the film), I hoped that I could find true love someday too.  The second time when I watched it, I cried. I sympathized with people who love others, but could not be with them . The most recent time when I watched it, I was amazed by how powerful and different love could be.

If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”


The quote above is my favorite line in “Love Actually”. I’ve never believed in true love, because I’ve seen so many unsuccessful marriages. However, this movie made me believe in love again. Sometimes, it will make people cry and feel heartbroken, but it also has the power to make people laugh and get through the hardest time of their lives.

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