This Saturday, I finally finished all ten seasons of Friends!! I started watching Friends after I came to America, because my sister loved it and she said it helped her a lot on learning English. At first, I thought it is an average tv show, because it’s just a story about the everyday life of  few people who live together. However, as I watch more episodes, I realize this isn;t just a tv show about friendship, but there is also elements of love, family, and life choice.

None of the characters in Friends is a secret agent or has supernatural power; they are all ordinary people: Monica is a chef, Rachel is a manager at Ralph Lauren, Joey is an infamous actor, and etc. However, all of them taught me a different life lesson. Rachel was born in a rich family and was forced to marry an old man. She knows won’t be able to live in a luxurious life anymore if she ditches the wedding, but she still it because that’s not the life that she wants. When Rachel just moved to live with her best friend, Monica, none of Monica’s friends likes her, because she was a typical spoiled girl who is bossy and could not take care of herself. However, Rachel didn’t “surrender” to her parents. Instead, she started to send hundred of applications and got her first job as a waitress. Then, she used her talent in fashion and became a secretary of a fashion manager. After that, she worked hard and got promoted to different positions. I respect people like Rachel, because they never gave up. Once they find one thing that they are passionate about, they just kept doing it and work toward their goals no matter what other people say.

Friends isn’t just a simple TV show. It brought me laughter, warmth, and most important of all, it taught me many valuable life lessons.

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