This year is my second year on song. As the captain, I’m in charge of choreographing all the dances and coordinating with ASB. I feel a lot of pressure because all the previous song team are really good and I want to make this year’s the best:)

We have 6 people on the song team which is significantly smaller than previous years. This means that we have to work even harder because less people means the audience will see every single of us on every move. Most of us are really good at hip hop, so my cocaptain, Avery, and I combined a lot of hip hop movements in to our regular Routine and assembly dances.

In addition, we hosted a lot of team bonding events. For example, Avery and I would regularly ask put team members to get lunch together, so we could have time to talk more and be a cohesive team. Avery and I also spend a lot of time choreographing and preparing our performances outside of school so we don’t have to waist our practice time.

Our hard works finally paid off. After the first day assembly, many people came up to me and complimented on our performance. Through out the year, my team worked as hard as we could just as always. Football season is now over but we still have basketball season and I’m really looking forward to it! Go titans!

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