Tournament of Roses Student Ambassador

The Rose Parade has always been the biggest event New Year’s day. Thousands of people travel hundreds of miles to come and see it. In order to get a good spot, many of them started sitting in the stands or setting up a tent on the street even the night before.

This year, I was luckily selected to be part of the Tournament of Roses Student Ambassador. This program recruits high school students from the San Gabriel Valley to promote volunteerism and to support Rose Parade and its associated events, such as the Band Fest, The Equestfest, and Decorating Places. All students are selected by the school administration or counselors. I was really excited and proud to be part of this program, because being an ambassador gives me the chance to contribute to the parade and my community.

Every ambassador gets his or her own shift according the events that he or she wants to participate. I was part of the Bandfest, Decorating Places, and Post Parade. Among all of them, my favorite was the Post Parade. Post Parade is located at the end of the parade route where all the floats are displayed. Ambassadors got separate into groups of four and each group is in charge of two floats. Our job is to learn the information of the float, including its idea, the number of roses used, and the production team. We also pass out secret cards for the scavenger hunt. It doesn’t sound like a very important job, but I really loved it, because I got to meet people from different areas and tell them stories behind each float.

Overall, being a student ambassador at the Tournament of Roses is an unforgettable experience to me. I got to learn about the history of the parade, witness the process of float making, and serve my community:)

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