Big Bear

I’ve never seen snow in the seventeen years of my life. The city I was born in is warm all year and Los Angeles, where I live right now, is impossible to snow, so when my cousin suggested to go snowboarding together, I was thrilled. We planned to go to big bear because it is famous of its skiing/snowboarding resort and the view is amazing.

I’ve skied once when I was twelve years old, but the snow is artificial and I didn’t have an instructor, so I tripped myself a lot of times. However, this time is different. My cousin and I planned the trip three weeks ahead and we booked a class, so we could learn snowboarding from a professional.

We started the class with one foot attached to the snowboard and the instructor made us do few activities to get used to the snowboard. Then, we attached both of our foot. It was really hard at the beginning. I couldn’t even stand up, but the instructor helped me and taught me step by step while holding my hand. After few tries, I could travel few meters, but of course, ending it with a big fell down. At the end of class, both my cousin and I can get up ourselves and snowboard. It became so much fun after we get the trick to it.

Next winter, I’m planning to take a more advanced class and keep having fun with snowboarding!

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