Winter Formal

Winter Formal is one of the three formal dances that is arranged by school and it is the only dance that girls ask guys. This year, Winter Formal is held in Westin, a very nice hotel in Pasadena. ASB decided to make the theme as “Winter Ball”, because the ball room is already very beautiful, so no many decorations are needed. In addition, girls have more choices on selecting dresses. I got my dress from Revolve. It is from a brand called LPA and it is a turquoise colored wrap dress. My shoes are from Topshop and I have worn them to so many events:)

Before the dance, my friend group and I got dinner at Central Park Cafe. It was dine LA week, so the restaurant offered an amazing menu that worths over $50, but it only costed $30. The DJ was the same DJ at the last dance. He became a lot better, but he still has the habit to cut between songs. Overall, I think it was an successful event. Many of my friends told me it was the best Winter Formal in all four years! ASB has been doing better and better and I’m really looking forward to Prom 🙂

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