The First and Last Coro

Coro is a school dance that takes place a week before the homecoming game. Unlike prom, all the students are allowed to attend. I’ve always love to participate in school event, but I’ve never been to coro, Last year, my sister came visit; My sophomore year, I had a terrible fever. This year, I could finally go!

In ASB, we brainstormed the theme of coro together and we decided to use “Fly Me to the Moon” at the end. As a tradition, coro is always host in a student’s house. The Capouyas kindly offered their house this year. ASB is also in charge of decorating. We used lights as our main decoration, along with airplane models and moon shaped cardboard. In addition, we placed color blocks on the dance floor and built a little stand for the DJ

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My dress is an off-shoulder mini dress from Revolve. It was really comfortable and cute:) Overall, I loved coro! The music was nice and a lot of students participated. One thing that ASB could change next time is to make the dance floor a little bigger, so people don’t have to hit each other while dancing. It is a little depressing that this is my last coro, but there are still two more dances which I could make beautiful memories with my friends!


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Vetements is currently one of the hottest brand in World. The first time when I heard about this brand, I was shocked by its extremely expensive price. Luxury brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton sell their jeans around $200, but a pair of Vetements jeans cost around $1,300. I first thought that no one would be willing to buy them. However, more and more celebrities and fashion bloggers started to wear them, so they become extremely trendy and are all sold out now.

Vetements’s head designer Demna Gvasalia was graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After graduation, he had worked for Maison Martin Margiela and was the head designer for Louis Vuitton’s womenswear. Finally, he lauched his own label, Vetements, in 2014. The label lunched based on the idea of urban cultures, the internet, and everyday life on the street. Most specially, Vetements never has any seasonal themes.


Being down to earth is the new black”


Demna views fashion as a cool attitude of the younger generation. He thinks everyone should have their own style. He sees previous fashion as a dream, but the generation right now is more pragmatic and being pragmatic needs honesty.

Vetements’ popularity made Demna the new creative director of Balenciaga. I believe he will continue bringing new ideas to the fashion industry!

Fashion Shoot


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Last week, I did a photo shoot for her upcoming with fashion brand. My sister wen to college in Britain and majored in Fashion Design. In addition, she studied Luxury Brand Management for MBA in Paris. My sister has always been my fashion instructor since elementary school. Her fashion taste definitely had a lot of impact on me. If it was not my sister, I would not be this interested in fashion.

After a year of preparation, my sister is finally ready to launch her fashion brand this Fall. I already looked at her design and all of them were stunning. This photo shoot is just a preview of how her deigned cloth look on average people, not models. These outfits are really different from cloths that I usually wear, but I really like then and I am glad that the photos came out really well.

I will update more after my sister’s fall/winer collection come out. I am really looking forward to it!


I have heard the clothing brand Topshop many times since I was in elementary school, because my sister went to college in Britain and it was one of the most popular brand. However, I did not start liking Topshop until it opened the first store in LA.

Topshop was found way back in 1964. It started at a small basement of a department in London, and now they have stores in over 100 countries! I love Topshop because of its various styles. Unlike a normal clothing brand, Topshop’s clothing range from chick to elegant, casual to formal, and simple to bold. I don’t like a particular style and loves to try new things, so Topshop is perfect. In addition, Topshop often has collaborations with famous designers or celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss, and most of these lines are stunning. They were designed by the celebrity, but also maintained Topshop’s classic electriv British style. Last but not least, Topshop’s price is very reasonable. Compare to Forever21 or H&M, the quality of Topshop’s clothing are very nice and the style is always the most trending.

Not only having a main collection, Topshop has few other lines, such as Premium, Boutique, or Unique. Unique is the only high street brand to show at London Fashion Week and there is a design team work all year round to produce a collection of pieces worthy of catwalk.

Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador

Two months ago, I heard that Nordstrom is having an ambassador program which gives a chance to learn about the ins and outs of the fashion industry, influence our buyers, and have behind-the-scenes access to fashion projects and events. I immediately decided to join, because I have been interested in fashion since I was young and I believe this program will help me to look at fashion from a more professional view. Therefore, I scheduled a meeting with the program director.

To apply to this program, I had to make a fashion board which shows my view of fashion, so I decided to make two boards: one for my style and one for my fashion icons. The five fashion icons that I pick all happen to from different countries and have different styles. 

Two months after, I received an email from the program director which congratulated me for getting in the program. I was extremely excited! I can’t wait to be an Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador and explored more about Fashion. 

Prom 2016

Prom is the biggest dance of the whole year. I went to Prom my freshmen year, but as a junior, this is the first year that I get to go with all my close friends.

This year’s prom was held at the Santa Anita Race Track(I know it sounds weird, but it is actually a pretty nice place). The first floor is dance floor and the second floor is for food and other activities, such as, karaoke, casino games, and tattoo drawing. My friends and I took pictures at Lacy Park first, and then went to dinner at Benihana. Then we to Prom after. Overall, I think Prom was pretty fun because I get to dress up, take pictures, and spend time with friends. However, I think the DJ is not really good and the prom location is too close, so we didn’t get to rent a limo:(

The dress that I chose is from a brand called Way-In. I found it on Nordstrom and it was on sale! I’ve never wore a long dress to dance before, so I was really excited about it. It is off the should on one side and it has a slit on the bottom. I really loved its royal blue color and the fit was perfect:)

Dance Banquet 2016

Time passed by so fast. This is already my third year being part of my school’s dance department. Started out as a beginning, I didn’t know techniques and couldn’t do any splits or kicks. However, after practicing during lunch and my other free time, I became a lot more flexible and is able to do a single pirouette, so I got move up two levels in my sophomore year. In my junior year, I was a member of the highest level dance group.

This year is actually the last year that I get to dance along with my friends, because a lot of them decided to quite or join Dance Company, so I really cherished every single performance with them. Unlike  the pervious two years, I didn’t get the “Best Dancer” of my level, but my choreography did get selected to the biggest show of the year, Dancetra. Therefore, I was still really happy and proud of my work in the past year.

Even though most of my friends are leaving next year, but I’m going to continue dancing and try my best on all the performances. Then, graduate proudly as a four year dancer:)