Big Bear

I’ve never seen snow in the seventeen years of my life. The city I was born in is warm all year and Los Angeles, where I live right now, is impossible to snow, so when my cousin suggested to go snowboarding together, I was thrilled. We planned to go to big bear because it is famous of its skiing/snowboarding resort and the view is amazing.

I’ve skied once when I was twelve years old, but the snow is artificial and I didn’t have an instructor, so I tripped myself a lot of times. However, this time is different. My cousin and I planned the trip three weeks ahead and we booked a class, so we could learn snowboarding from a professional.

We started the class with one foot attached to the snowboard and the instructor made us do few activities to get used to the snowboard. Then, we attached both of our foot. It was really hard at the beginning. I couldn’t even stand up, but the instructor helped me and taught me step by step while holding my hand. After few tries, I could travel few meters, but of course, ending it with a big fell down. At the end of class, both my cousin and I can get up ourselves and snowboard. It became so much fun after we get the trick to it.

Next winter, I’m planning to take a more advanced class and keep having fun with snowboarding!

Chengdu, Home

LA rained for three days in a row and it reminded me of my hometown, Chengdu. I lived there for thirteen years and moved to LA when I was in 8th grade. It has all of my childhood memories and many people that I love.


Most young people might find family dinner very boring, because they have to sit there and listen to their grandparents talking about things that happened forty years ago. However, that is actually my favorite part of going back to Chengdu. The time that I spent with my family is always joyful and worth treasuring, because they know everything about me, so I could be my true self in front of them. They know what type of person I am, what I am passionate about, and what my weaknesses are. In addition, after I went abroad, I realize how powerful family is.  Friends could turn against each other and lovers could break up, but families will always be there.


Chengdu is known for its spicy food and snack food. My favorite is hot pot and glutinous rice cake! There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in LA too, but none of them has the same taste with the dishes in Chengdu.


To be honest, I actually don’t have a lot of friends in Chengdu, because I only went to elementary school and one year of middle school there. I’m closest with my elementary school friends. There are seven of us and we have known each other for over ten years. Before I left Chengdu, we spent every New Year’s eve together and that was one of my best memory in Chengdu. Whenever I need help, they would always be there for me like my family. I always think that I’m such a lucky person who gets to have these great friends.

East Coast Visit


This spring break, I went to East coast for both travel and college.  My dad and my grandparents came along with me. Since I’m the only one who speaks English in my family, so I planned the whole trip.

We first went to Boston for two days to visit my friend, Josh. We are friends since 7th grade. I moved to LA in 8th grade and he moved to Boston a year after. Coming from the same background, we supported each other while going through all the language barriers.

Then, we drove to Rhode Island and visited the Vanderbilt mansion, The Breakers. It is one of the most well designed mansion that I’ve never seen. The ceilings, the wallpaper, and every single detain in this mansion is carefully designed with the most expensive material.

Our next stop is New Haven, where Yale University is located.

New York

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This summer, I went to New York to attend one of NYU’s summer program, SPS High School Academy. The major that I chose to do were photography and film. Even though the program only lated for weeks, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

I’ve being to New York for three times, but this summer was the first time that I truly got to enjoy the atmosphere. The photography class gave me an opportunity to take a good look at the city.  In addition, I met some people who could be friends for life. We came from different places, but we all share the same interest and dream. To Bitsy, thank you for being the most amazing roommate! To Tallulah, you are the most optimistic and energetic person I’ve never met. To Jordan, I love you so much and see you in Miami♡


Revisit Chengdu


I was born in Chengdu, Sichuan and I spent thirteen years there. Even though I do not live in Chengdu any more, but I never stop loving it♡ I always save a little spot in my heart for Chengdu, because I have so many good memories there.

Most of families still live in Chengdu, so I normally go back there once per year to visit them. This winter when I went back  I brought my camera with me. Finally, I have a chance to show people what Chengdu look like in my eyes.

Unlike Shanghai or New York, the paste of life in Chengdu is really slow.  In  the afternoon, there are always a lot of people sitting in a cafe and enjoying the sunshine; at night, people could find a lot of places to eat even at 2 a.m. in the morning. Everyone seems like there is no pressure, no stress, nothing to worry about at all.

I hope you will love Chengdu as much as I do:) Do not hesitate to contact me if you are planning to go to Chengdu. I will give you the best tour guide!


This summer, my family drove to Nice after visiting Paris. The scenery was beautiful on the way to Nice: the bright yellow sunflowers, the fragrant lavender, and the clear blue sky are all beautiful. Listening to “Quelqu’um M’a Dit”  while feeling the breeze, I totally fell in love with France.

The view of the hotel was amazing! The food there was delicious  and the weather was sunny all three days when we visit. Everything was perfect:)



When people ask me, “which city do you want to go the most?”, Barcelona was always the answer. The spectacular La Sagrada Familia Church designed by Gaudi, the famous Camp Nou Stadium, and the beautiful Las Ramblas street are all fascinating to me.

This summer, I finally had the chance to visit Barcelona. The hotel that my family chose is right next to the beach, so during sunset, I would walk along the blue Mediterranean sea and feel the fresh breeze. The most memorable place is the Camp Nou stadium. I’ve liked soccer since elementary school, and Barcelona has always been my favorite team.  As a Barcelona fan, I feel so lucky that I get to visit the Camp Nou Stadium and buy a customized jersey! Camp Nou showcases all the trophies that Barcelona has won and pictures of outstanding players. The whole stadium is gigantic and it could fit over ninety thousand people.

These four days in Barcelona felt like a dream. I would love to revisit again!